Armed Merchant Cruisers

Armed merchantmen, troopships and special purpose vessels. Several of these armed merchant cruisers fought actions to delay or disrupt attacks from far more powerful enemy warships and were lost in the process.

One of the famous P&O "white sisters", Stratnaver served as a troopship during WW2.
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We'll be pleased to see this new special edition for 2019.
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A 1/1250 scale metal model of Shinano Maru in the AMC guise in which she came across the Russian Baltic fleet after it's trek around the world prior to the battle of Tsushima in 1905. Patrolling off Tsushima as a mist cleared in the morning sun, Shinano Maru found herself surrounded and was lucky to escape without being fired upon. The Russians went on to savage defeat in the Straits of Tsushima.

She is recorded 1923 sold to Kinkai Yusen K.K., Tokyo, 1938 renamed Sinano Maru, 1951 scrapped Japan.

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A 1/1250 scale model of the Italian AMC Barletta wearing the camouflage pattern from 1942. Barletta was one of 5 sisterships employed as armed merchant cruisers during the Spanish Civil War and WW2 Adriatico, Brindisi, Brioni, Zara & Barletta.
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Special edition 2019 announced by Albatros - 1/1250 scale metal model of HMS Cilicia one of a handful of Armed Merchant Cruisers fitted with an aircraft catapult. 

Overall length of the model is 12.5cm. Price to be advised

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Another excellent model from Albatros of a famous ship with a very interesting history.

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Newly announced 2019 special edition  1/1250 scale waterline metal model of the three funnelled vessel HMS Queen of Bermuda by Albatros SM Alk122. Queen of Bermuda was converted to an armed merchant cruiser during World War 2, as modelled here, and then to a troop ship, surviving the war to be converted back to a passenger liner.

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The Queen of Bermuda was launched on the 1st September 1932 at Vickers Armstrong for the Furness Line. Scrapped in 1966 after a successful career.

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Launched on the Clyde, Scotland, in 1920 as the Tyrrhenia for the Anchor Line, a subsidiary of Cunard, the 16,243�ton, 578�foot (176�m) liner could carry 2,200 passengers in three classes and was built by William Beardmore and Company of Glasgow, Scotland. She made her maiden voyage on 19 June 1922.

Renamed Lancastria in 1924, after American passengers complained that they could not properly pronounce Tyrrhenia, she sailed scheduled routes from Liverpool to New York until 1932, and was then used as a cruise ship in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe. With the outbreak of the Second World War, she carried cargo before being requisitioned in April 1940 as a troopship, becoming the HMT Lancastria. She was first used to assist in the evacuation of troops from Norway.

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The P&O liner as a troopship when sunk by the Admiral Hipper during the Norwegian campaign in 1940.

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Originally built in 1923 for Lamport & Holt, Voltaire modelled in 2009 in 1939 onwards form. Voltaire met her end on 4th April 1941 in an encounter with the German raider Thor between Trinidad and Freetown, being out ranged and outgunned. 75 lives were lost. The size of the merchant cruisers worked against them, as with little armour, it made them easy targets.

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Unsung vessels like Lancastria and Alcantera played a vital part in moving troops or escorting convoys around the world, often encountering tough opposition that they had never been designed to meet!