Train Sets

Contain Trains, Tracks & Controller

Train sets contain a train, a circuit of track and a power controller. Everything needed to get a layout up and running.
The clip-together sectional track can be assembled quickly and can be extended with track sections from the Peco Setrack range to add extra circuits and sidings to accommodate more trains.

Two gauges of model railways are readily available,
OO gauge train sets are produced by Hornby and Bachmann, with a vast range of fully compatible model locomotives, coaches, wagons and accessories from Dapol, Peco and many more. A typical a starter layout needs a space of 1.5 x 1.1metres or 5 x 3feet, about the size of a dining table. OO is ideal for modelling scenes and rural branchline railways with short but varied trains.
N gauge train sets are produced by Bachmann under the Graham Farish brand name, supported by a steadily increasing range of trains, locomotives, coaches and wagons from Dapol and Peco. These smaller trains are an excellent alternative to OO, the starter layout needing only 70 x 50cm, less than 3 x 2ft, or around a third of the space needed for a similar OO layout. A full length HST train in N is less than 5 feet long, compared to 9 feet in OO, making N gauge ideal for running mainline trains in a limited space.

For more guidance please check our 'Help!' section for more information on model railway gauges and scales.