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Bachmann OO 25th Anniversary Train Pack 25-2014
2014 sees the 25th anniversary of Bachmann Europe Plc. To mark this event special anniversary train packs will be produced for both Bachmann Branchline OO and Graham Farish N.

The 25th anniversary packs in both OO and N will feature two locomotives, one BR ex-LMS Stanier Jubilee class 4-6-0 in BR lined green and one BR class 47 diesel locomotive in the 1977 Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee livery with the union flag applied full-height on the bodyside.

  • Wooden case presentation box with Silver Anniversary logo and Silver effect rather than brass
  • Numbered certificate
  • BR Green Late Crest Jubilee locomotive
  • BR Blue Class 47 locomotive "Union Jack" livery

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    British Railways planned a 'farewell to steam' railtour for the 11th of August 1968, the official last day of mainline steam. Coded 1T57 the train was dubbed the 'Fifteen Guinea Special' due to the price of tickets, set at 15 guineas, equivalent to £15 15s in pre-decimal currency (approximately £250 at current values), prices being quoted in guineas usually only for luxury items.
    One of the few remaining operational steam locomotives and one of the last to have received a works overhaul Britannia 70013 Oliver Cromwell was the principal engine used for the tour, ably supported by Stanier 'Black 5' 4-6-0s.

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    The Western Sovereign train pack features ex-GWR King class locomotive 6002 King William IV in British Railways lined green livery with a train of three Collett design express passenger corridor coaches including two brake third class coaches and a composite coach with compartments for first and third class passengers all finished in British Railways crimson and cream livery.
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    A complete British Railways four-coach suburban train in one pack.
    Including BR ex-LMS Fowler class 4P 2-6-4 tank locomotive 42334 in British Railways lined black livery and four ex-LMS Stanier 57ft. non-corridor coaches in British Railways maroon livery comprising two brake third class coaches, one full third class coach and a composite coach with first and third class compartments.
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    Hornby Railways OO Gauge R3398 Lyme Regis Branch Line Limited Edition Train Pack

    A limited edition train pack featuring the new Hornby model of the LSWR Adams Radial 4-4-2 tank engine finished as 30583 while fitted with one of the newer Drummond boilers and two of the new Maunsell rebuild non-corridor coaches, representing the trains  running on the Lyme Regis branch until the early 1960s.
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    Belmond British Pullman train pack featuring a class 67 locomotive in Pullman livery and three classic 1930s era Pullman coaches.

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    Bachmann Branchline OO 30-425 Midland Pullman Train Pack
    A collectors presentation-boxed edition of the Bachmann OO Midland Pullman 'Blue Pullman' 6 car train.

    This release of the award winning Blue Pullman model will come in a special presentation box with many special extras to make this a real collectors item.
    • 6-Car Blue Pullman 'Midland Pullman' train
    • A Print of the special box artwork, which reflects the railway advertising artwork style
    • A pack of stewards and train crew figures
    • Reproduction menu card
    • A first edition copy of the latest Blue Pullman book by Kevin Robertson.

    DCC Ready. Note that 2 21-pin decoders are required for DCC operation, one for each power car.

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    This motorised 4-car London Underground 1938 tube stock train is finished in tube train red livery as a Northern line train from the 1960s era.
    The train is detailed as working 40 to High Barnet via Charing Cross, a route where 4-car trains were utilised on off-peak services. The train comprises A end Driving Motor car Trailer car, Non-Driving Motor car and D end Driving Motor car. The cars are fitted for interior lighting and a PluX22 DCC decoder socket is provided (note, 2 decoders are required).
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    Limited edition of 1000

    Away from the perceived glamour of the mainline, the real work of the railways took place on a myriad of suburban lines across the country, especially in the great conurbations of the Midlands. The main requirement for a locomotive working suburban services was to have quick acceleration, efficient braking and good tractive ability, the latter being especially useful when pulling heavy carriages, full of commuters.
    Fowler’s 4P 2-6-4T engine was ideally suited to this task, mainly being used on longer distance commuter trains from stations in the big cities of England, as well as being used to bank heavy passenger and goods trains on the West Coast Main Line. Typically hauling sets of Stanier’s 57’ non-corridor suburban stock, thousands of commuters spent their working week travelling back and forth from the cities behind these engines.

    This train pack recreates a typical suburban working, with Fowler 4P No. 2238 in LMS lined black and two Stanier 57’ non-corridor Brake Third coaches 20768 and 20769, with Composite 16592, in LMS lined maroon livery.

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    Hornby Railways OO Gauge R3399 EWS Freight Limited Edition Train Pack
    Limited edition of 1000

    2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the formation of one of the United Kingdom’s most distinctive Railway Operating Companies, English Welsh & Scottish Railway Ltd, or EWS as it was more commonly known.The merger of Rail Express Systems, Loadhaul, Mainline Freight and Transrail Freight into North and South Railways during March 1996 was followed, on April 25th, by the unveiling of the EWS brand, but it was not until October 1996 that the English Welsh & Scottish Railway Ltd was formed.

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    Limited edition of 1000

    The ‘Queen of Scots’ service commenced in 1928, but its development can be traced back to Grouping, in 1923, when the fledgling LNER acquired a number of Great Eastern Pullmans. Instead of allocating them on a piecemeal basis, as the GER had done, the LNER’s management decided to open up a new luxury service to Newcastle, via Leeds and Harrogate.

    The Harrogate Pullman was a success and the route was extended to Edinburgh, running non-stop from Kings Cross to Harrogate from the autumn of 1925. From May 1, 1928, when two new 8 car, all-steel Pullman K type sets were introduced for a route extension to Glasgow and the ‘Queen of Scots’ service commenced

    Hauled initially by the Ivatt Atlantics, by 1935 the 400 ton, ten car train necessitated the use of A1, A3 and A4 locomotives and even Gresley’s W1 design was allocated at times. At Leeds, two cars were detached from the service, leaving eight to continue on the journey.

    This train pack recreates the service in the second half of the 1930s, with Gresley ‘A4’ 4-6-2 4500 Garganey in LNER garter blue, which will be accompanied by all-steel K-Type Brake Third 'No. 77', Kitchen First 'Thelma' and Parlour First 'Sheila'. Roofboards will be fitted to each carriage and a headboard for the ‘A4’ will be included as a separate fitting to complete the model.

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    R3374 - BR Blue Class 71 '71012'
    R4739 - Pullman 2nd Class Parlour Car
    R4741 - Pullman 2nd Class Kitchen car
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    Detailed model of the LNER class 800/1 5-car train 800 104 finished in the special Celebrating Scotland livery applied to this train for the launch of the Azuma trains on 05:40 service from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh Waverley, the Flying Scotsman.
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    An excellent modern era train pack featuring the new build Peppercorn LNER A2 class express passenger steam locomotive 60163 Tornado and a train of three ex-BR Mk.1 passenger coaches operated by SRPS Railtours forming The Aberdonian steam-hauled rail tour train.
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    'Yellow Submarine' seems quite an appropriate moniker for the Eurostar trains which have run through the Channel Tunnel between Britain, France and Europe for almost 30 years now. This Beatles themed train was unveiled in 1999 and is replicated in this train pack as a base 4 car train, with an additional 2 carriages available separately.
    © 2020 Apple Corps Ltd. All rights reserved. A BeatlesTM product licensed by Apple Corps Ltd. “Beatles” is a trademark of Apple Corps Ltd. “Apple” and the Apple logo are exclusively licensed to Apple Corps Ltd.
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