Nitro Fuel Cars

Nitro IC Powered Buggies and monster trucks.

Available in Orange or Blue this mixes classic desert trophy truck finish with a .18 pull start nitro engine, the FTX Torro is the perfect blend of speed, noise and semi-scale realism

Length 510mm, Width 295mm, Height 195mm, Wheelbase 329mm
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The awesome FTX Carnage gets the nitro treatment! Packed full with many of the features that made the electric version so successful, the Carnage NT fills the needs of RC racers who like to put plenty of power down with plenty of noise to prove it. The modern 2.4ghz radio control system uses digital key-code technology, avoding interference from other transmitters and there's no need for crystals. Reliable pull start operation.

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Designed specifically with Truggy racing in-mind the 1/8th RTR Hyper ST Truggy is a stalwart of the ever expanding Truggy scene by storm.

This ST is based on the 1/8th rallycross buggyplatform, specifically the competition winning HoBao Hyper buggy range. Looking at it you can see a combination of both the Hyper 7 and 8 parts in there, as well as some brand new touches designed specifically for the truggy racing scene.
MRP £329.99

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Get ready for the new standard in 1/8th nitro Ready-to-Run buggies. The legendary Hyper 7, one of the most popular RTR buggies every has had a face lift to make it even better value for money.
MRP £339.99

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Nitro-Engined Radio Controlled model cars run on a pre-mixed nitro fuel, a blend of nitromethane and methanol in a base oil. Check the manual for your car when selecting fuel, we normally suggest 16% for first use with new engines, as it gives a higher percentage of oil. When properly tuned higher nitro percentages, eg 20%, will provide more power. Although some manufacturers recommend a particular fuel we find Model Technics Qwikfire fuel gives great performance, and so we suggest it as standard.

Some additional accessories are required for running nitro engine cars and may not be included. The engines are started using a glow plug mounted in the cylinder head, which is heated by separate battery powered glow start to ignite the fuel when the engine is cold. We have a Nitro Starter Package which contains a glow start with mains charger, a fuel bottle and basic tools necessary for tuning and maintenance. Most models will require these items unless otherwise stated..

Nitro engines are engineered to high precision but require adjustment of the air/fuel mixture screw, or 'needle valve' as the engine runs in, or fuel choice and some external factors vary. This can be a challenge for a novice but with comprehensive instructions are supplied .

Drive safely! We strongly recommend the fitting of a failsafe device to prevent the vehicle running away if radio signal is lost or receiver batteries run low. These clever little electronic gadgets can be easily installed in your Radio Controlled Car, and are a small price to pay for peace of mind. Read the Antics help sheet before starting.

Good performance, good quality, good service and good spares backup! If you drive your racer to the limit it will need maintenance and all these things will be important. Buy the best from Antics!