Most fuel powered radio controlled cars and boats are powered by glow fuel, which is ignited in the engine by a glow plug. These are similar to a spark plug, but due to the compression style of combustion in the engine, they are only utilized in starting the engine. Glow plugs usually require a 1.5-2volt supply to light them, and so most people would use a rechargeable glo start to power them. These glow supplies are manufactured in varying capacities, giving you more or less starts between charges. The higher the Mah of the glow start, the greater the number of firings you can expect from it before it needs to be recharged. All glow plugs come with a standard thread fitting to the engine, and also a standard sized hexagon head for removal. A glow plug spanner is essensial for fast removal of plugs when the need comes to replace them.

Nitro Starter Set Inc Glowstart, Charger, Fuel Filler Bottle And Tools FAST691
Everything you need to get started in nitro, this value pack houses all the essential tools for starting a nitro vehicle.
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OS Engines Number No.8 Glow Plug 71608001
O.S. Number eights are a time tested glow plug, superior quality and therefore less proned to "blowing" than they're cheaper alternatives. They class as a medium-hot plug for 1/8 scale racing and most .12-21 car, boat and truck engines.
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This glow pack will get your engine up and running in no time, as the glow starter is supplied with a mains charger 240v charger, that plugs in the wall and goes. It's that simple. There's also a resistance meter built in, so you can tell if the glow plug has failed. No deflection on the meter needle - replace the glow plug.
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Model Technics Qwikfire Glow Plug QFCAR
With over 20 years' experience of running engines to test fuels, oils and additives, Model Technics used their expertise in producing a range of glow plugs that give lively starting, a reliable idle and powerful pick-up through the entire rpm range. Designed and ideal for 10/21 pullstart engines running on 10% - 20% nitro fuel. Suitable for most IC vehicles. Use 1.2v - 2v glow heater. Glow rating: Warm.
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Fastrax 4500mah High Capacity Glowstart & Charger FAST50HC
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Ripmax glow heater with 3600mah nimh battery,includes charger.
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They all feature a rugged metal construction, custom designed internal plug grip with a sprung and sliding centre contact, to give a positive connection in all conditions. They are ideal for standard, long or four stroke plugs. 
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Fastrax Roto- Start System For Nitro Engines FAST565
Convenient quick and easy starting has arrived with the new Roto-Start system from Fastrax. The ideal immediate upgrade from a pullstart system, this allows you to start vehicles that may not be ideally suited to box start systems. Ideal for vehicles such as the FTX Rampage and Outrage where the engine is mounted a little higher and away from the chassis. Fits SH engines and others (check fitment dimensions online for your backplate).
Supplied with rotostart backplate assembly.
Requires a 7.2v battery that is housed inside the unit body.
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Fastrax 1800mah Glowstart & Charger Fast50
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Available from shops: Bristol: 5, Cardiff: 3, Coventry: 2, Gloucester: 4, Plymouth: 2, Stroud: 3
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Fastrax's Power-Start is the ultimate starting solution for nitro vehicles. Featuring a single belt drive system turned by twin 775 size electric motors with internal cooling fans, the power and torque is enough to turn over 1/8th and1/10 size engines. Internal battery area allows for the use of either twin 7.2v NiMh, twin 7.4v LiPo or a 12v Gel cell and comes supplied with pre-wired tamiya and gel cell style connectors and convenient on/off switch is housed by the carry handle.

Easy, adjustable chassis brackets allow for the box to be set-up to suit virtually any vehicle 1/10th and 1/8th, and its sturdy heavy duty aluminium construction means this box will last the test of time.
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Fastrax have added a new mid-priced 1/8th Starter box suitable for most 1/8th buggy and truggy chassis

Supplied with neccessary hardware to accept two 7.2v stick pack batteries oralternatively can accomodate a 12v gel cell battery. Comes with two dual high torque 775 motors. Solid anodised aluminium construction with carrying handle and easy to adjust front and rear locating plates, make this starter box a great choice for all levels of ability
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