Locomotive Decoders

Locomotives on DCC layouts require a decoder to be fitted to control the motor direction and speed. Additional functions are available on most decoders, usually function 0 being used for directional lighting. DCC Ready locomotives are fitted with a plug-in socket for a decoder, check which type is needed for your locomotive, usually this is shown on the end of the box and operators leaflet. Locomotives without a socket can be fitted with decoders by direct wiring or by fitting a socket on a harness. Reference to Peco decoder installation Shows You How 20 booklet is recommended for guidance.
This booklet provides an illustrated guide to the fitting of DCC decoders to a range of different OO locomotives, covering the different chassis and motor designs and space constraints encountered. Popular models from Lima, Hornby and Bachmann are used to illustrate the fitting of decoders to both new design models and older models with no design provision for DCC. Some are surprisingly easy!

This booklet is highly recommended as a workbench how-to guide.
Fit decoders to older models with confidence!
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(Product Ref 54693)
Gaugemaster 6 Pin N Gauge Plug-In Locomotive DCC Decoder DCC23
Most suited to N Gauge locomotives. Key features of this standard decoder include smooth operation, 14/28 speed steps, plug and play, transponder id-equipped, all mode programming, decoder reset CV, motor isolation protection, advanced consisting, 2 and 4 digit addressing and DCC compatability.
This decoder is rated at 1 amp (2 amp peak) with 2 functions at 0.5 amps and measures 10.6 x 8.7 x 2.86mm.

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(Product Ref 73285)
Gaugemaster Omni Direct Plug Decoder 8 Pin DCC29
An excellent direct plug-in 8-pin decoder.
Length 15mm, Width 12mm, Depth 10mm
  • Number of Functions: 4
  • Number of Pins: 8
  • Current Rating: 1 amp / 1.5 amp peak
  • Address Range: 1 to 9999
  • Reset Value: CV8 to 8

Follow the link for a full list of CV values for the Omni decoder range.

Omni Decoder CV Values.

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(Product Ref 45602)
Small decoder with 6 pin connection on a short flylead.
The 6 pin connection is used in N gauge and many smaller OO gauge locomotive models.
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(Product Ref 107644)
4 pin decoder for DCC fitted 0-6-0 locomotives and the new Sentinel. A unique decoder for smaller locos with restricted space.
R7274 replaces the previous X9659 'spare' code for the Hornby 4-pin decoder.
Next batch expected April 2020
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(Product Ref 1945)
A small-size 4-function DCC locomotive decoder delivering up to 1 amp peak motor current, 0.5 amps continuous and four 100mA function outputs. The small size makes this decoder a good choice for smaller locomotives where the standard-size decoders are awkward to accomodate.
We have found that the Hornby decoders do not always survive soldering, use of a harness (eg Bachmann 36-564) is suggested for hard-wired installations.
8-pin harness connection.
Supports extended addressing and back-EMF feedback motor control.
Decoder measures 17mm x 10mm x 3.mm
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(Product Ref 73564)
The Dapol Imperium decoder is a small size 21 pin 6 function MTC decoder with 1amp rating, 2amp peak and 100mA function output.
Decoder measures 15mm across the connector, 17mm length. 10 years warranty against failure in normal use.
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(Product Ref 82011)
Hornby Sapphire DCC Digital Locomotive Decoder R8245
A high specification decoder with a wide range of configuration options the sapphire has a 21-pin socket connection and is supplied with a wire harness to an 8-pin plug. Decoder measures 23 x 16.5 x 6.5mm.

Supports 1 Amp continuous current with 1.5 Amp stall. low speed "gear" for shunting operations. Size: 23mm x 16.5mm x 6.5mm. Set amounts of "water" and "fuel" can be stored in the Sapphire providing real time fuel consumption. Burn rates can be selected.
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(Product Ref 63643)
E-Z Command 21-Pin Decoder Blanking Plate 36-058
Pack of 10 21-pin DCC decoder mounting blanking plates for setting locomotives to DC only operation.
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(Product Ref 69607)
Bachmann 6-Pin Right-Angle DCC Locomotive Decoder 2 Functions 36-556RA
Bachmanns 36-556RA decoder is a Soundtraxx product fitted with a 6-pin plug-in connector mounted at right angles to the decoder board and projecting at one end. This allows the chassis designers a much wider choice of mounting locations, for example the decoder can be fitted vertically inside the cab of a steam locomotive.

Based on the high quality and highly capable Soundtraxx MC1 decoder a wide range of user configurable CVs allow the decoder to be tuned and matched to most model railway locomotive motors. A continuous rating of 1 amp is available, making the decoder suitable for N, OO/HO and even small O gauge locomotives. Two function outputs are available with a 100mA maximum load on each.

Supports 14, 28 and 128 speed steps with back EMF regulation and 15.6kHz PWM speed control, short and long (extended) addressing, advanced consist addressing (for double-heading and multiple units) , adjustable acceleration/deceleration rates. The decoder has 15 pre-set speed curves, allowing fine control speed ranges to be adjusted and supports user-defined speed curves with 28 reference points.
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(Product Ref 77473)
Bachmann 21-Pin DCC Decoder with Back EMF and 4 Function Outputs 36-557
Bachmann 36-557 provides a basic technology decoder with the 21-pin socket type connection, ready to fit onto the 21 pin connectors. These are becoming more widely used, especially in OO diesel locomotives from Bachmann and Dapol. The decoder has one blank hole (the missing 22nd pin), ensuring correct orientation every time. Usually the decoder will fit flat just above the main control board, no wires to be tucked away during as the body is refitted!
This decoder provides a 1 amp power output with configurable high-frequency pulse-width modulation back-EMF motor control for smooth running and configurable speed curves. Shunting speed fucntionality allows the maximum speed to be halved for accurate speed control during slow running and shunting. Four function controls are available with a maximum 350mA combined output.
Decoder measures 25mm long, 15.5mm wide with socket at one end.

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(Product Ref 92870)
Bachmann Wiring Harness with NEM651 Socket for 6-Pin DCC Decoder Pack of 3 36-562
Ideal for fitting decoders to older locomotives not equiped with sockets without the risk of accidental damage to the decoder during soldering.
This wiring harness has fittings to connect a NEM651 6-pin decoder, commonly used with N gauge models. Many of these decoders have a power rating easily able to drive OO model locomotives and ths small size makes these decoders a good choice for small engines.
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(Product Ref 78060)
Bachmann DCC Decoder Adapter 6-Pin Decoder Socket with 8-Pin Decoder Plug Pack of 3 36-563
A useful adapter from Bachmann, providing the option to fit a 6-pin decoder to a model with an 8-pin socket.
This can be useful on models with restricted space for the decoder, as on many steam locomotives, providing�the option of fitting a small footprint 6-pin decoder, designed to fit inside the body of an N gauge model.
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(Product Ref 78061)
Bachmann Wiring Harness with Socket for 8-Pin DCC Decoder 36-564
Ideal for fitting decoder sockets to older locomotives not equiped with a socket without the risk of accidentally blowing the decoder during soldering.
This wiring harness has fittings to connect an 8-pin decoder.
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(Product Ref 78062)
Bachmann 4 Function 8 Pin 0.9 Amp Locomotive Decoder with RailComPlus 36-566
Bachmann 36-566 0.9 Amp 4 Function 8 Pin DCC Decoder featuring RailComPlus
Bachmanns 36-566 decoder is an ESU-based decoder offering advanced and highly configurable back-EMF motor control functionality and RailComPlus communications.
Maximum motor output is limited to 900mA continuous, plenty for all modern OO model locomotives. Four function control lines are available, one as usual being set up for control of directional lighting. Function ouputs can deliver up to 500mA, with a maximum 250mA per output.
Length 26mm, Width 15mm, Height 6mm. Wire length 80mm. 8 pin plug.
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(Product Ref 45691)
Bachmann Next18 Locomotive DCC Decoder 36-567
Miniature NMRA Next18 connection 4 function DCC decoder produced for Bachmann by Zimo of Austria.
Decoder delivers 0.7A motor current, wiht a total current peak capability of 1.5 amps. Features 4 function outputs with 4 logic level outputs. RailCom supported.
Measures 15 x 9.5 x 2.8mm
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(Product Ref 52879)
Bachmann 6 Pin DCC Locomotive Decoder with Back EMF featuring RailCom 36-568
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(Product Ref 100274)
Wiring harnesses allow decoder sockets to be fitted to models without built-in sockets. This allows the necessary soldered connections to be made before an expensive and damage-sensative decoder is attached. The 200mm length harness also allows the wiring to be arranged to reach a convenient place for the decoder to be situated inside the model.
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(Product Ref 100744)
Lenz 10318-01 Silver Next18 decoder
The Lenz Digital Plus Silver  locomotive decoder is suitable for all DC Locos with Next18 interface.
At the moment Next 18 is found in Bachmann Liliput and Tillig products.
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(Product Ref 45322)