Trumpeter 05631 USS Langley CV-1 Aircraft Carrier Kit 1/350

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The 'Covered Wagon' CV-1, America's first aircraft carrier. Created in the early 1920s by mounting a wooden flight deck onto USS Jupiter, a former fleet collier (itself notable as the US Navy's first turbo-electric driven ship), renamed 'Langley' in honour of aviation pioneer S. P. Langley 1834-1906

 US Navy aircraft carrier Langley was converted from the Collier Jupiter converted. Modification works began in June 1919, byn March 1922  a complete refit had finished and she was available for Navy active duty, Langley was used to tactical training and exercises, the US Navy aircraft carrier to provided useful experience for the naval aviator.

   In 1936, Langley was converted to become seaplane tender, NO.AV-3. During the Pacific War onFebruary 27th, 1942, Langley was used to transport  fighters  to the island of Java, but was sunk by the Japanese Navy  attack aircraft. 

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