Trumpeter 05608 USS Lexington CV-2 WW2 American Carrier kit 1/350

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USS LEXINGTON CV-2 Length overall:270.8m Beam max:39.7m hull:32.2m Displacement standard:41187t full load:43054t The LEXINGTON(CV-2),was originally designated CC-1,laid down as a battlecruiser 8 Jan 1921 Quincy,Massachusetts.Authorized to be completed as an aircraft carrier 1 July 1922,commissioned 14 December 1927.On 7 December 1941,LEXINGTON based at Pearl Harbor,when word of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was recevied,She immediately launched searchplane to hunt for the Japanese fleet. On 7 may 1942 LEXINGTON'S air group sank the Japanese light carrier SHOHO.8th,LEXINGTON was hit by 2 torpedos and 3 bombs,finaly rolled over on her side and sank..LEXINGTON recevied 2 bettle stars for her World War II service.
Item No    05608
Item Name    USS CV-2 Lexington carrier 05/1942
Bar Code    6922803656083
Scale    1:350
Item Type    Static Kit
Model Brief    Length: 773.8 mm Width: 108mm
Total Parts    583pcs

Total Sprues    20pcs sprues plus lower hull, upper hull, waterline plate, flight decks and display stand
Paint Schemes    USS Lexington during the Battle of Coral Sea, May 1942.

More Features    Either waterline version or full hull version can be selected; Include 4 F4Fs of VF-2, 6 SBDs of VB-2& VS-2, 3 TBDs of VT-2, total 3 types 13 a/c with clear canopy, folding wings.
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