Trumpeter 05302 H.M.S Hood British WW2 Battlecruiser 1941 1/350

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The Hood was a 42,100 ton Battlecruiser built at Clydebank, Scotland and completed in March 1920. For more than two decades she was the worlds largest warship with her long, low hull and finely balanced silhouette the embodiment of "big gun" era seapower. Hood served in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Caribbean protecting British interests. In May 1941 Hood in company with Prince of Wales set set sail to search for the Bismark, on May 24th the enemy was sighted to the west of Iceland. In the resulting 'Battle of the Denmark Strait' one or more 15" shells penetrated Hood's after magazines and the great ship sank in minutes with the loss of all but three of her large crew.
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