Spidernavy SN 1-05 HMS Vindictive aircraft carrier 1919 1/1250

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The Cavendish class started life as improved Birmingham class cruisers to be used for overseas trade protection around the world. Cavendish was the most advanced but construction had been slowed in favour of other wartime priorities. However, once it became clear that  aircraft carriers were needed that could launch and land on wheeled planes, it was decided to convert Cavendish in the same way as HMS Furious .She was completed before the end of WW1 and re-named HMS Vindictive in honour of the ship which took part in the Zebrugge and Ostend raids. The new aircraft carrier was not very successful and through deck aircraft carriers were showing the future shortly after the armistice. Eventually, it was decided to convert her into a repair ship while her sisterships went on to set the standards for heavy cruisers at the Washington Treaty talks.
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