Solent Models SOM 21b (CL) Glamis supplying cased fuel to the BEF in France 1939-40 1/1250

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When WW2 broke out, HM Government chartered a number of coasters to take supplies across the Channel to France. Glamis was one of these ships and began by taking cased petroleum to France in Convoy with other coasters from various owners such as Ocean Coast and Pacific Coast of Coast Lines and Brockley Combe (the last two were modelled by Red Ensign many years ago). The convoys to France sailed from Swansea to Cherbourg. Unfortunately, Glamis with a top speed of 8kt at best could not keep up with the convoys and after a couple of sailings, she sailed individually from Poole, still with cased fuel for the BEF in France but also supplying Alderney & Guernsey in the Channel Island and visited Fowey during this time. Glamis was not used in the evacuation of Dunkirk but was held on standby to evacuate British Nationals from Western France. Around October 1940, she was returned to her owners but was "called up" again in 1944 for D-Day (see Glamis SOM21a (CL)).
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