Secondhand Mini-ships Superior 204G Admiral Scheer, pocket battleship 1940-45 1/1200

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After the sinking of Scharnhorst and Tirpitz, Admiral Scheer was the last large warship left in Norwegian waters and the admiral came to visit the ship to assess what should happen to the ship. Paint of all colours was difficult to obtain in Norway at that time, so all stocks available to the ship were mixed together on board to give a quick paint overall to show the admiral that she was fit for further active service. The resulting paint was blue and there was just sufficient to smarten up the ship for the inspection. According to the officers on board the admiral was impressed and complimented the crew on the smart paintwork and the ship was recalled to Germany for further service. She was used to bombard the advancing Russian troops until the guns needed re-lining and she was in Kiel when sunk by Allied bombers. The ship had been repainted in light grey at some time before she was sunk, so this paint finish is probably applicable for late 1944.
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