Revell/Monogram 05472 USS Constitution Frigate Old Ironsides 1/146

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Made of timber felled from Maine to Georgia, armed with cannons cast in Rhode Island and copper fastenings provided by Paul Revere, the USS Constitution was a heavy, powerful frigate launched in Boston on October 21, 1797 and going to sea in 1798. In 1812 she met and defeated the smaller British HMS Guerriere, the first in a grand succession of victories in the War of 1812. During this ferocious battle seamen, astonished at how the British cannonballs were bouncing off the Constitution's hull, cried out, "Huzzah her sides are made of Iron!"  Hence the nickname, 'Old Ironsides'. The Constitution is the oldest commissioned warship in the world, that is still afloat.

- Structured hull and deck
- 4 lifeboats
- 24 cannons
- 2 anchors
- Detailed bowsprit
- Shrouds in one piece
- Sails with fabric texture
- Detailed masts with masthead
- Detailed rigging instructions (option of simple or full rigging)
- Sheet of flags
- Display stand

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