Rapido Trains OO 925003 GWR 74563 Diagram O21 4 Plank Open Wagon GWR Grey 1904-1936 Lettering

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During the 1880s the GWR standardised on a 4-plank design for open merchandise wagons and from 1885 the use of iron underframes, changing to steel in 1895. These 4 plank open wagons were built between 1886 and 1902, contemporary with the standard iron mink and using the same underframe.
How many were constructed is not known, but most of these wagons were built with brake levers on one side only and in 1927 order F459 was issued for the fitting of additional brake to approximately 18,784 wagons to meet Board of Trade brake requirements. Wagons receiving the second brake were allocated diagram O21 in the GWR wagons book.
Note - These works orders normally stated wagons should only be fitted if they were deemed fit to remain in service for several years, otherwise the wagon was to be withdrawn when repairs were due. It is believed 18,784 wagons were fitted. An additional 200 wagons already had a compliant brake mechanism. How many were withdrawn is not known.

While these 4 plank wagons must have formed the backbone of the GWR wagon fleet into the 1920s they don't seem to appear often in the photographic record, so what they were used for and when the last ones were withdrawn is not clear. It seems likely they simply went about the regular business of the railway, most likely being the GWRs major contribution common user pool while the newer open wagons with sheet support rails were retained for the company's use. It also seems likely these older wagons would have been displaced into departmental engineers service by the 1930s recession and government backed 'new works' programmes.
When the last was withdrawn is also unclear, however the remains of three were found at Sharpness Docks in 1984, allowing one to be rebuilt for preservation.

The Rapido Trains GWR 4-plank open wagon models feature:

  • Fine detailed plastic bodies/chassis with metal parts
  • Single or double-side brakes
  • Lots of fine, separately fitted details
  • NEM coupling pockets
  • UK designed
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