Rapido Trains 929002 LMS 25T Lowmac Machinery Wagon 700729 LMS Bauxite OO

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The LOWMAC, for low machinery and originally an implement truck, dates back to the Great Central Railwyay  MAC N 20ton machine wagon. The wagons modelled are based on the LNER diagram 143 MAC NV design on 1938 With a few revisions to the original concept, the LNER upgraded the design in 1938 into the diagram 143 ‘MAC NV’ wagon. These wagons featured vacuum train brakes and an increase in load capacity to 22 tons.

The increased need for wagons capable of vehicle carrying heavy military vehicles during WW2 called for a further increase in load to 25 tons, achieved by replacing the 12in by 6in main longitudinal sections with 14 in by 6in equivalents. This revision was given diagram number 173 and coded MAC PV. Equipped with 4 binding chains and 16 lashing rings this all-purpose implement truck was fit for any load (up to 25 tons).
The first batch of 60 wagons was ordered from the LNERs Shildon Wagon Works in 1943, being completed by 1944 in time to assist with the heavy traffic moving towards the South Coast ports in preparation for the invasion of Europe. Produced under the control of the Railway Executive Committee ownership of these wagons was allocated between the LNER and LMS, each company receiving 30 wagons. The LNER subsequently ordered two further batches of 25 wagons as the railway companys' prepared their requirements for post-war service, bringing the production to 110.

Under British Railways the 173 MAC PV wagons were reclassified LOWMAC EP and having proven a successful and modern design with vacuum train brakes British Railways ordered another batch, allocating diagram 2/242 in the BR diagram book. 38 wagons were built by P & W Maclellan in 1950 and as demand for lowmac wagons for revenue service declined many of these wagons from all of the batches found their way into the engineering fleet, carrying plant and machinery to remote worksites though to the privatisation era.

The Rapido Trains LOWMAC model features:

  • Combination die-cast metal and injection moulded plastic construction
  • 11 variants covering the original 1944 wagons through to BR and early 2000s
  • Brass bearings
  • Moulded lashing rings
  • Optional load that represents a set of 4 replacement wheels and their carriers

These load wheelsets will feature scale axles and are ideal for scenic use if not required as a load.

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