Rapido Trains 907001 SECR 7 Plank Open Wagon 12221 SR Dia D1355 SECR Dark Grey Livery OO

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After WW1 the South Eastern & Chatham Railway's chief engineer Richard Maunsell, aided by a team familiar with Churchwards' work on the GWR, set about an extensive programme of standardisation in rolling stock design. A prototype wagon was constructed in 1915 to test the new design for the underframe and high-sided 7 plank general merchandise wagon. This wagon featured a drop side door and hinged top flap doors, allowing unobstructed access, while the high sides were desirable to maximise the capacity as bulky agricultural produce in sacks or bales was a common load.
The only modifications to the design made before series production began was the addition of a sheet rail to keep tarpaulin covers raised above the load. 2,121 wagons were then built by the SECR and Southern Railway from 1919 until 1927, the design being allocated SR diagram number 1355.

• NEM coupler pockets
• Designed in the UK
• Metal bearings for smooth running
• Metal door striker plates
• Injection-moulded plastic body and underframe
• All plank detail, door hinges and strapping accurately rendered
• Optional SR sheetrail

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