Rapido Trains 905008 BR 97281 Class 28 Metro-Vick Co-Bo D5705 RTC Blue & Red Livery N

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Tribology is the science of interacting surfaces in relative motion, including the effects of friction, wear and lubrication (eg. surface contamination).
The RTC Tribology Test Train was designed to allow the wheel-rail interface to be investigated and studied in a scientific manner under 'real world' conditions. A VAA-type van was constructed with independent braking of the axles, allowing braking loads to be applied to the wheels up to the limit of adhesion and thereby measuring that limit and obtaining data on the wheel 'slip/slide' conditions. The train ran over the same routes repeatedly, allowing the scientific measurement of changes in adhesion characteristics due to rail wear, weather, ambient temperature and seasonal environmental contamination (eg. leaves on the line) on the same sections of track.
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