Navis Neptun 1297 IJN Kashino munitions carrier 1940-42 1/1250

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Kashino was built to ferry the 18" guns and turrets for the Yamato-class battleships from the naval arsenal at Kure to the shipyards that were building Musashi, Shinano and the fourth member of the class which was never laid down. The maiden voyage was to deliver guns for Musashi since Yamato was built at Kure itself. After the Battle of Midway, it was decided that Shinano would be finished as an aircraft carrier, so Kashino was redundant. Hatches were fitted over the holds and Kashino became a general ammunition transport. She was torpedoed and sunk by a submarine later in 1942.

The model has open holds showing guns and barbette parts for the Musashi in the holds.
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