Navis Neptun 1141A HMS Scylla WW2 British Light Cruiser 1/1250

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HMS Scylla, was aDido-class cruiser of the Royal Navy built by Scotts Shipbuilding and Engineering Company, Greenock, Scotland with the keel being laid down on 19 April 1939. Launched on 24 July 1940, she was commissioned 12 June 1942.

Sister of Charybdis, Scylla was fitted with four twin QF 4.5" main guns because of a shortage of 5┬╝". With forward superstructure considerably modified to accommodate these and also to increase crew spaces the pair were known as the 'toothless terrors' but proved to be very good anti-aircraft ships.

Scylla served with the Home Fleet on Arctic convoy duties. She sailed for Gibraltar on 28 October 1942. The following month she was at the French North Africa landings (Operation Torch) as part of Force "O" with the Eastern Task Force, but in December was sent into the Bay of Biscay as part of the effort to catch homecoming Axis blockade runners.

On 1 January 1943 she intercepted the German Rhakotis some 200 miles north-west of Cape Finisterre. When the Scylla opened fire the Germans scuttled the ship. In February she returned to the Home Fleet for Arctic convoys, but was back in the Bay of Biscay by June 1943 to cover anti-submarine operations.

In September 1943 she was part of the Support Carrier Force at the Salerno landings (Operation Avalanche), but came home to refit for duty as an Escort Carrier Flagship in October, which lasted until April 1944. She was present at the Normandy landings as Flagship of the Eastern Task Force.

On 23 June 1944 she was badly damaged by a mine and declared a Constructive Total Loss. Although towed to Portsmouth, she was not disposed of until 1950, after use as a target between 1948 to 1950. She arrived at Thomas W Ward Ltd, (Barrow-in-Furness, UK) 4 May 1950 for breaking up.

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