Navis Neptun 1/1250 1268 IJN Hibiki, Japanese Type 3 Fubuki / Akatsuki Class Destroyer of WW2

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IJN Hibiki ("Echo") was the twenty-second of twenty-four ship Fubuki class and the second ship of the type 3 Fubuki or Akatsuki class, commissioned in March 1933. The Fubuki class 'special type' destroyer design of 1926 was the first in the line of modern, fast and well armed destroyers, matching the firepower of many light cruisers and by far the most advanced a potent destroyers serving with any world navy in the early 1930s.

Three batches of Fubuki class destroyers were built with the later batches have improved machinery, though IJN regarded them as one class. Hibiki was a member of the type 3 Fubuki class, commenced with the building of Akatsuki, hence the 'Akatsuki class', fitted with new high pressure boilers, allowing one boiler to be eliminated without loss of power. The bridge structure and fire control capability were improved, along with the fitting of splinter protection for the torpedo launchers, allowing them to be reloaded in action. Most notably Hibiki was the first all-welded ship in the Japanese navy.
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