Navis Neptun 1/1250 1261 IJN Shimakaze, Japanese Destroyer Leader of WW2

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Shimakaze (Island Wind) was an experimental large destroyer, a lengthened version of the Yugumo class, ordered under the 1939 programme as the lead ship of planned class of 16, with a projected class total of 32. The 25 feet extra hull length allowed a third quintuple torpedo mount to be fitted amidships. She was also equipped with an experimental powerplant, featuring high temperature and pressure Kampon boilers and turbines delivering 79,240shp, sufficient to allow Shimakaze to reach a design speed of 39knots and achieve a trial speed of 40.9knots in early 1943.

Armed with six type 3 127mm guns in three twin mounts, three quintuple torpedo mounts firing type 93 'Long Lance' 24in torpedoes, 2 twin mount AA guns (later enhanced) and 18 depth charges Shimakaze proved to be carrying a little too much top weight. This may have influenced the cancellation of the planned Shimakaze class, though it is unlikely the Japanese shipyards would have been able to build these ships during the war.

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