Lenz SET01 Start Set 01 Dcc Digital Control System

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The LH01 Handset has a 4 digit display and one large control knob that works like a games consol control or a system control in a prestige car - the rotary knob can also be pressed in four directions and pressed in the middle so that you can enter the menus.  In this way Lenz can offer a high specification for a low price:

  • For up to 9999 digital motor vehicles
  • Setting of 4-digit locomotive addresses
  • 28 speed steps
  • 29 functions for each locomotive
  • Functions can be continuous or momentary by button press
  • 4 amp power supply
  • RailCom enabled programming in operational mode (PoM).  Standard POM can also be performed on decoders without RailCom
  • Separate programming track output
  • Double traction
  • connect up to 31 input devices to our universal input bus XpressNet.
  • points, signals and other magnetic articles can be switched.
  • Protected against short-circuit and overheat.

Each set comes with an LZV100 command station and an LH01 hand-held control device.
This set needs an additional Transformer.  There is the choice of the TR100 (3 Amp) or TR150 (5 Amp)

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