DCC Control Units

DCC Controllers from Bachmann, Hornby, Lenz and Gaugemaster
For a newcomer to DCC or for the operation of a smaller layout, this system is a great choice. Comprising of a Base Station, Walkaround, and Power Supply, this system is packed with features but is above all, incredibly easy to use and allows you to run your railway without fuss.
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Gaugemaster's Prodigy Advance DCC unit is one of the easiest to use and has been specifically taylored for the needs of the British modeller.
Antics Staff Use this DCC Controller and would highly recommend.
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Lenz LH01 Start Set - Lenz' new entry level system.
The design is minimalistic in order to give the greatest functionality for the least price.

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Hornbys' R8213 Select DCC controller is designed as an entry-level system and offers some improvement in capability than the EZ-Command being able to address up to 59 locomotives and operate accessory decoders using a keypad interface. The Select is a good choice as a budget controller if you have more than 10 locomotives and/or want to control remotely operated points.

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Ideal for train sets and small layouts! Antics recommends the Bachmann E-Z Command DCC Digital Controller 36-501
Straight-forward Digital Command Control that can run an entire layout for less than the cost of a twin track analogue controller! The EZ-Command can address up to 10 locomotives with sufficient power to run 2 or 3 OO locomotives at the same time.
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Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance2 Wireless Starter Package DCC03
The wireless version of Gaugemasters powerful Prodigy Advance DCC system. No handset tether lead to get caught around your legs!

The Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance DCC unit is one of the easiest to use Digital packages on the market today. The system has been specifically taylored for the needs of the British Outline modeller.

Prodigy Advance conforms with NMRA standards and is compatible with all other leading manufacturers DCC accessories. Its strength is its simplicity without compromise and Prodigy Advance DCC will grow as your layout grows, allowing you to use the system at a level appropriate to your layout and style of operation.

Prodigy Advance DCC consists of a Base Station, a Walkaround Controller and a mains Power Supply - the complete package will enable you to digitally control your chipped locomotives within minutes. Wave goodbye to cab control, section switches and isolating sections - as just two wires from your Prodigy Advance base station run your whole railway in the way you want to without the normal constraints of conventional operation.

Prodigy system manuals and further information.

MRP £535.00

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The DCC controller and command station is the core of the system, sending instructions to individual DCC decoder fitted locomotives to control direction, speed, acceleration and braking. The power unit will provide enough power to run more than one train simultaneously, ideal for a growing layouts.

Bachmanns' budget price EZ-Command unit is excellent for small layouts and trying out DCC. Up to 10 locomotives can be addressed, with 2-3 able to run at the same time.
Hornby's entry level Select and twin-control Elite have similar capabilities, the Elites' two control knobs making it easy to drive two trains at once. Entry level controllers give access to lighting control and the base range of sounds from sound decoders.

The more capable Bachmann Dynamis system has a wireless walk-around facility combined with the ability to address up to 9999 locomotive or accessory decoders.
For those wanting to exploit the full flexibility of DCC, Lenz LH90/LH100 and Gaugemaster Prodigy controllers are a good choice. These reliable, powerful and feature rich DCC controllers are ideal for expanding layouts and locomotive fleets.