Lenz LH90 LH90 Controller Second Hand

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The LH90 was developed especially for controlling locomotives. Ist operating components are designed and optimised for this purpose.

9999 addresses for digital locomotives
address 0 for a conventional, analogue locomotive
the units, tens, hundreds and thousands of locomotive addresses are entered one after the other
a toggle switch serves to determine the direction of travel: forward, stop, backward. If the switch points to the centre, the locomotive stops. Turning the knob has no effect on the locomotive
the rotary knob serves to control the locomotive speed
the double circle (emergency stop) button serves to stop all locomotives immediately
facilitates the switching of up to 9 decoder functions (F0 to F8), provided they are supported by the command station used (e.g. the LZV100)
up to 1000 points, signals, magnetic articles and other accessories can be controlled
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