John's Model Shipyard RN603C RN Hunt 3 Destroyer Waterline kit 1/1200

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Hunt Escort Destroyers were concieved as anti-aircrat ships in the late 1930s but wartime experience showed that adding torpedo tubes to the ships could increase their utility in confined waters such as the Channel, North Sea and Mediterranean Theatres and so the design was altered for a new batch of ships and Hunt Type 3s were born. The photograph shows two kits made up to models. In the foreground is HMS Haydon in her 1943 camouflage pattern which seems to have been unique but used the "1943 blue" applied to ships in the Mediterranean and in the background is RHN Adria which was Greek manned but under British operational control in 1943. This very dark camouflage scheme was said to work well in bright sunlight.
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