John's Model Shipyard RN322 HMS Leander 1939 RN light cruiser Waterliner Kit 1/1200

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In December 1939, the Battle of the River Plate took place between the German "Pocket Battleship", Graf Spee and the British cruisers, Exeter and two Leander-class, Ajax and Achilles. You can model all the ships in the battle using the £D-printed kits from John's Model Shipyard:

Graf Spee - JMS KM301
HMS Exeter - JMS RN320 (Exeter 1939 version)
HMS Ajax - JMS RN329 (Leander 1942 version)
HMS Achilles - JMS RN322 (Leander 1939 version)

Although Achilles was manned by New Zealand sailors in the Battle of the River Plate, New Zealand ships were not given the HMNzS title until late in the war.

The large photograph shows Achilles in 1941 before the single 4" mounts were removed to make way for twin 4" guns but these were never fitted and she was equipped with light AA guns only for the rest of the war.
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