John's Model Shipyard RN319 HMS York, British WW2 heavy cruiser Waterline Kit 1/1200

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HMS York and her improved sister ship, HMS Exeter were the last two 8" gunned ships built for the Royal Navy. They were smaller than the previos class of County-class cruisers as there was not enough tonnage left under the 1922 Washington Arms Limitation Treaty to permit the building of two more 10,000 ton County class ships. York and Exeter had shorter hulls, only three twin 8" gun turrets and the forward boiler uptake was trunked into the the next, larger funnel. The weight saved allowed the fitting of thicker armour.

York served on Overseas stations from 1930 to her loss in 1941 apart from a recall to home waters for the Norwegian camaign. Badly damaged by Italian motor boats in Suda Bay, she was scuttled by explosive charges in Suda Bay, Crete when the Axis forces occupied the island.

The large photograph shows a model made from the kit. Painting a wood-effect colour on the weather decks shows the deep undercut that it is possible to build in to 3D-printed kits that is not possible on metal or resin castings.
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