John's Model Shipyard RN202 HMS Illustrious, a kit of the Royal Navy aircraft carrier in WW2 1/1200

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This kit is typical of the class as built with the short flight deck. All three  ships that were built to the plan, Illustrious, Victorious and Formidable, had their flight decks extended after battle damage required early refits and many of the other models  of these ships show the ships extended at bow or stern or after both had been modified.

The large image is of one of these kits made up as HMS Illustrious in November 1940. This was an unnoficial design which was said to be B6 over Measure 4A and this is a relatively low contrast scheme compared to most unnoficial disruptive schemes, as can be seen in the large photograph. Illustrious may well have worn this scheme when launching the attack on the Italian warships at Taranto.
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