John's Model Shipyard MV303 Ehrenfels a kit to make a Hansa Line freighter from 1936 1/1200

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A number of the sisterships of Ehrenfels were used as raiders, Sperbrechers, naval auxiliaries or blockade runners in WW2. Ehrenfels herself was interned by the Portugese in Mormugao shortly after the start of WW2 and scuttled there by the crew in 1943 to prevent seizure. Goldenfels became the raider Atlantis, Kybfels became a Kriegsmarine transport, Tannenfels became a blockade runner and was sunk in the Gironde, Hohenfels was seized by the British in Operation Countenance and became Empire Kamal and in 1944 was handed to the Dutch, Kandelfels became the Raider Pinguin, Neidenfels became a transport and was captured in Norway to become Empire Dee in 1945 and went to Russia after the end of WW2 and Reichenfels was torpedoed and sunk by RAF Beaufort aircraft in 1942.

The large image shows a member of the class in disguise. If you were a the captain of a ship in mid ocean, you would have to decide what ship this is. Is it a raider, a blockade runner, a neutral merchant vessel, a convoy straggler or a friend?
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