Hornby R8213 Select Basic DCC Control Unit

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The Select is capable of having control of 59 locomotives and can run 10 locomotives at any one time, a booster may be required to provide enough power to run all 10. Function controls 0 (lighting) to 8 can be controlled and the Select can also address up to 40 solenoid operated accessories like point motors using accessory decoders. The stylish design puts all the control features available from the Select at the operator's fingertips. From the smooth operation of the rotary control to the large keypad controls and LCD display.

Note - Locomotives must be fitted with a DCC decoder to be independantly controlled.

The Hornby Select

  • Controls up to 10 trains simultaneously, provided the necessary power is available.
  • The 1 amp power supply included allows for up to three locomotives (providing power is available) to be running at any one time.
  • Supports a maximum four amp power supply (3 amps to the track, 1amp to the accessory outlet) available separately.
  • Incorporates 128 speed steps for smooth control of locomotives.
  • Can programme locomotives with up to 99 levels of acceleration / deceleration.
  • The Select Unit supports up to nine functions per locomotive if required.
  • Able to programme up to 59* locomotives or other items containing a locomotive decoder and 40 points or other items that rely on a solenoid for operation. Eg. Electrically operated signals, electrically operated uncouplers and point motors.
  • It should be noted that items containing a locomotive decoder should always be programmed between 1 & 59. This will ensure that the locomotive will function as expected. All items connected to Accessory Decoders should be programmed between 60 & 99.
  • The Select accommodates decoders that incorporate a functioning feed back system.
  • Supports XpressNet protocol.
  • Uncontrolled 15V DC analogue accessory outlet.
  • 2 digit LCD display
  • External boosters can be supported through the XpressNet port. A standard RJ12 six-way cable can be used to connect the Select to a booster which has an RJ12 socket).
  • Up to 9 Select units can be connected together for individual control of 9 locomotives providing power is available.
  • The Select can be used as a Walkabout Unit when connected to the Hornby Elite Digital Unit.
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