Heljan OO 45104 BR 64 Coldstream Guardsman Class 45 Diesel Locomotive BR Blue Pre-TOPS

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All-new Derby/Sulzer Type 4 in ‘OO’ now being tooled and featuring a large number of authentic detail variations – including the first-ever specific models of ETH-fitted Class 45/1s.
No fewer than four versions are being prepared initially, depicting vacuum-braked and steam-heated locomotives in split-centre headcode condition, dual-braked, steam heat Class 45/0s with rebuilt ‘sealed beam’ nose ends and, for the first time, dedicated models of Class 45/1s with or without the high-intensity headlight fitted in their final years.
Variations will include open or plated boiler steps and roof hatches, bodyside grilles or plated panels (or a combination of both), original or modernised underframe tanks with air cylinders, optional inner sandboxes and boiler hatch covers and more.
Features include a 21-pin DCC interface, NEM coupler pockets neatly designed as part of the bufferbeams, ample provision for DCC sound installation, LED lighting appropriate to each version and separately switched cab and tail lights.
Detailed design work was completed earlier this year and tooling is in progress with first releases planned in the third quarter of 2020.

D64 was delivered in April 1962 initially at Derby, but going to Cricklewood (London) in January 1963, and then alternating between those two sheds on Midland mainline services until 1968. The locomotive was named Coldstream Guardsman in June 1965 and the D prefix from the number would have been deleted after the withdraw of the last steam locomotives in 1968. 64 was allocated to the Nottingham division until returning to Cricklewood in November 1974, before being renumbered to TOPS number 45045 in February 1975.

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