Graham Farish 372-330 BR 82028 3MT Standard 2-6-2 Tank Locomotive Lined Black Late Crest Weathered N

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The BR standard 3MT 2-6-2 tank locomotives were designed to fill the slot between the smaller class 2 tank engines and larger tender engines, many of which were older designs of Victorian heritage. These modern tank engines offered similar power, utility, economy and crew comfort as the GWRs' earlier 45xx design, with which they shared many duties on the Western region.

Sadly like many of the BR standard classes the 3MTs had a short life. Diesel multiple units took over branch, local and suburban services and much local goods business was lost to road transport.

Completed early in December 1954 82028 was allocated to the North East region at Darlington, obviously proving useful as she did not move on until 9/58 and then only to Scarborough. 9/61 saw reallocation to Malton, then York in 4/63 was the last Eastern region shed to serve 82028 as she migrated south to Guildford 9/63, then Bournemouth (south end of the S&D) 1/64. A move to Nine Elms 4/64 saw 82028 join her sisters for the last years to withdraw in September 1966. Sold to J Cashmores the loco was cut up early in 1967. 82028s' 11 years 9 months service compares well with some of her class.

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