Golden Valley Hobbies GV2013 British Steel Yorkshire Engine Company Janus 0-6-0 Diesel Shunter OO

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The Yorkshire Engine Company Janus locomotive is an 0-6-0 diesel-electric shunting locomotive weighing around 48 tons and powered by two Rolls-Royce C6SFL diesel engines with a combined power output of 400 bhp. Each engine has its' own cooling system and generator, each powering one of the two traction motors, thus simplifying the electrical system and allowing single-engine operation.
102 Janus locomotives were built between 1956 and 1965 mostly for the British steel industry, but other customers included Imperial Chemical Industries (12), Port of London Authority (10) and National Coal Board (7) with 3 locomotives exported. One locomotive was tested by British Rail as a possible alternative/replacement for class 08 shunters and in 2008 23 were still in industrial service with 7 preserved.

The GVH model is bring produced by Oxford using original engineering drawings, trade publicity and published histories, backed up with site visits to view and measure surviving locomotives. GVH are indebted to the archive departments and support of current and previous company owners of Janus locomotives in completing this task.
The model has been designed to incorporate many fine details of the original locomotives and also offer key detail variations made during their long operational ownership.
Permission has been obtained from a variety of famous British companies who owned and operated these locos to reproduce their branding on the models, though some brand owners have applied restrictions to the production run quantity.

GV2013  British Steel No5 Janus 0-6-0 Diesel
The steel industry was nationalised in the early 1960s. Prior to that several companies had purchased Janus locomotives including the owners of the Yorkshire Engine Co itself. These transferred to British Steel and operated at several plants. Our model will be in the high visibility Yellow livery of more recent times. Produced with permission of Tata Steel.
Packs of wagons have also been commissioned from Oxford Rail to match each of the locomotives with GV6013 being a pack of 3 BSC 7 plank open mineral wagons.

The name Janus is from the two-faced god Janus: the locomotive was symmetrical with two faces. The similarity in power and speed would indicate that this type of locomotive could have been used in a similar role to the British Rail Class 08 shunter. In recent years Class 08 shunters owned by EWS have replaced Janus locomotives on some industrial railways.
One model was loaned to BR for tests.

The specificationof the model will be as follows:
  • OO gauge, 1:76 scale
  • 5 pole, skew wound motor
  • Accurate model with fine detail bodywork.
  • NEM coupler pockets.
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