Future Fleets Models 1/1200 FF001 Seaview a waterline model of a super-submarine

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The waterline 1/1200 scale model of Seaview represents the super-submarine as she appeared in the 1961 film which starred Walter Pigeon as her eccentric captain. At least three large scale models were made for the film and they were all slightly different. The film spawned a TV series which used different models of Seaview (different windows on the bow, diving planes on a different part of the conning tower and the conning tower in a different location on the hull, to name but a few of the differences) and it is hoped to produce this version later on. A full hull model and a model surfacing at the North Pole are being cast now. There is also talk of a model of the USS Skipjack-class attack submarine that appears in the film being made.
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