Dapol OO 4D-323-001S BR 323203 Regional Railways Centro Class 323 3 Car Electric Multiple Unit DCC Sound

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Model Specification

  • Available in DC, DCC and DCC Sound Versions
  • Plux-22 DCC Socket
  • 14-Pin Electrical Connection between cars – just one DCC Chip needed.
  • Speaker fitted in each driving car as standard.
  • Low profile motor in centre car driving all wheels.
  • DCC Controllable lighting, including Door Open lights when in stations.
  • DC switchable tail-lights as standard
  • Bespoke DCC Sound scheme.
  • Bodyside display indicators on 4D-323-001 and 4D-323-002
  • Close-coupling mechanism within set.
  • Accurate livery reproduction.
  • Alternative destination labels.
  • Interior and cab lighting.
  • Working BSI coupling on front ends to allow 6 or 9-car operation.
  • Correct bodyside and headlight arrangements for all versions.
  • Original and refurbished internal layout in centre car.
  • Correct toilet modules for original and refurbished units
  • Fully painted interior, with correct colour schemes for each version.
  • Poseable dummy pantograph and full roof detail.
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