Dapol 7S-010-019 SR B653 A1X Class Terrier 0-6-0T Locomotive Southern Lined Green O Gauge

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Completed by the LB&SCR in December 1875 as 53 Ashtead this engine was rebuilt with a superheated A1X boiler in 1912. Passing to the Southern Railway at grouping in 1923 as number 653 the SR applied the prefixed B to the number, indicating Brighton works was responsible for overhauls, until a unified numbering system could be created.
Before further renumbering B653 was sold by the Southern to the Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Light Railway in April 1937. Freshly overhauled the engine made its' way to Clevedon via Salisbury and the GWR, becoming WC&PR 4. A model of this engine also being available from Antics.
Both of the WC&PR's Terrier locomotives passed to the GWR following the closure of the WC&P line early in WW2 as settlement of monies due to the larger company. Becoming GWR number 6 the engine is believed to have worked on a number military sites during the war, being suitable for use on temporary tracks around temporary camps and possibly occasionally at the Frys chocolate factory in Keynsham. By nationalisation number 6 was out of service at Bristol St Phillips Marsh shed, where it was formally withdrawn from service in January 1948.

Model Features

  • Sprung metal buffers and coupling hook with 3-link couplings.
  • Diecast running plate for extra strength and weight.
    Firebox glow and flicker effect.
  • Etched plates where applicable
  • Finely moulded plastic┬ábody with many separately added fine details.
  • Choice of DCC Ready (21-pin decoder socket) and DCC Sound fitted models.
  • Cast, profiled wheels with fine relief and appropriate colouring.
  • Tungsten chassis and all wheel pickup.
  • Powerful 5 pole skew wound motor with refined slow running control.
  • Accessory bag with spares and other added detail.
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