Dapol 7F-018-013 Seddons Salt Covered Salt Van No.22 RCH 1887 Type O Gauge

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The Seddon family had been propritors of salt works in the Middlewich area from at least the mid-19th century and quite likely before then. The Kinderton works was sold to Salt Union on the death of Raplih Seddon in 1888, however Henry Seddon is found as the owner of the Croxton Works in 1905. Initially using canal transport the new railways allowed Seddons to send salt more quickly and more widely. Henry Seddon is recorded as taking over the Wych House Lane salt works in the 1900s and rebuilding the Pepper Street salt works in 1913.
Seddon & Sons and Cerebos merged in the late 1950s, the Pepper Street and Cerebos Booth Lane sites being worked together until closure at the end of the 1960s.
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