Dapol 4F-081-102 ARC 19841 JHA Middle Hopper Wagon PDS Type ARC Olive & Grey OO

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The Dapol model of the O&K JHA Hopper will feature:

  • Inner and outer versions of the hopper will be produced
  • Inner wagons with buckeye couplers and no side buffers
  • Outer wagons with buffers and NEM pockets, standard OO tension lock couplings at one end, other end without buffers and fitted with buckeye coupling.
  • Diecast chassis
  • Profiled wheels
  • Close coupling mechanism fitted to both types, capable of operating on minimum of 438mm radius 2.
  • Working rear lamp on outermost end of train (DC directional, 6pin decoder socket for DCC control)
  • The models will be finished with high level of detail, which will include many separately added details
  • Designed from works drawings
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