Dapol 2D-028-004 BR 26037 BRCW Class 26 Bo-Bo Railfreight Redstripe Grey N

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This new model features Dapols smooth running super-creep motor and flywheel drive mechanism and directional lighting. Modern computer aided design technology enables accurate detailing of the bodshell and careful tooling design accomodates the many individual differences between locomotives after many years in traffic.

Initially deployed on London suburban services to replace steam locomotives the class 26s found a long-term home in the highlands of Scotland where the class' reliability was greatly appreciated. Despite their moderate power (1160bhp) the class later found work in the freight sector, outlasting most other (and newer) BR type 2 locomotives.

The Dapol class 26 model features
- Detailed body with etched grilles and separately fitted handrails
- RP25.72 profile darkened wheels with pin-point bearings
- 5 pole Super Creep motor with controlled pulling power and incredible slow running speed
- All wheel drive and pick-up
- Independently controllable directional lights
- DCC ready NEXT-18 decoder socket
- Heavy split-frame chassis for excellent running and haulage qualities.
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