Coastlines CL-M06A Robert L. Holt an armed British freighter in 1941 1/1200

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Robert L. Holt entered service in 1926 as the second of two sister-ships vbuilt for John Holt & sons who had trading interests in West Africa. In the summer of 1941, she left England for Wari in balast as the commodore's ship in a convoy. The convoy dispersed off the enterance to the Mediterranean and Robert L. Holt continued alone towards Wari. Unfortunately, she was spotted by U69, who was returning to re-arm with torpedoes and decided to attack with her deck gun. The battle lasted about two hours and Robert L. Holt was lost with all hands. The ship was reported missing in September but the story emerged later when U69 was sunk on another patrol and a handful of survivors informed their captors of the story.
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