Coastlines CL-BS03S Amagi a Japanese battlecruiser of the 8 : 8 Plan 1/1250

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Amagi was the lead ship of a class of four battlecruisers with 10x16" guns planned as part of the Japanese Navy's post WW1 fleet. Two of the ships, Amagi and Akagi, were laid down during the war and were still on the stocks when the Washington Conference was convened to limit  the number and size of capital ships in major navies. The Japanese decided that the two ships of this class that had not been laid down would be cancelled and the Amagi and Akagi would be converted into aircraft carriers in the style of the Royal Navy's Courageous-class conversions. Work to complete Amagi resumed but within weeks the Tokyo earthquake distorted the hull of Amagi while she was still on the stocks and the decision was made to scrap Amagi and convert the Tosa-class battleship Kaga to an aircraft carrier instead.

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