CM Models CM-P1221 HMS Caledonia cadet training ship 1937-38 1/1250

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In 1936, the transatlantic White Star liner RMS Majestic was taken into the King George V drydock at Southampton and the masts and funnels were cut down to enable her to pass under the Forth Bridge to be scrapped in Rosyth dockyard. When she arrived under her own power, she was awaiting her fate when the Admiralty decided to purchase her to use as a cadet training ship to produce sailors for ships being built for the Royal Navy at that time. She was re-named HMS Caledonia and retained at Rosyth Dockyard. Unfortunately, she caught fire accidentally in 1938 and was badly damaged and sank at her berth. Scrapping took place in 1943 after the wreck was re-floated.
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