Bachmann OO 35-051 DC LMS 7841 Webb 0-6-2T Coal Tank LMS Black DCC Fitted

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As iconic as the GWR's 2-6-2 'prairie' tanks the Coal Tank is a signature LNWR locomotive design which saw service across a wide area, especially under LMS ownership, undertaking the traditional duties associated with branchline and pick-up goods services. This new model will make an excellent companion and alternative to the Midland 1F and 3F locos (also available from Bachmann) for these duties.
Designed by F.W.Webb in 1881 for the London and North Western Railway (LNWR) the 'Coal Tank' was a tank engine version of the LNWRs' standard 0-6-0+tender goods engines. The tank engine version utilised the same cast iron H spoke driving wheels with a radial trailing truck to support the coal bunker.

Intended for local goods train working the Coal Tanks proved remarkably versatile engines quite capable of working many branchlines in both passenger and goods service. Three hundred engines were built between 1881 and 1897, being distrbuted all across the LNWR network, serving South Wales collieries, Black Country indutrial branches and Cumbrian quarries. 292 entered LMS ownership in 1923 and 64 locomotives were still in service at nationalisation in 1948.

In September 1881, the first "Coal Tank" (No. 602) was introduced - a tank version of the previous "17in Coal Engine" 0-6-0 tender locomotive. A Francis Webb design, between 1881 and 1897, 300 examples where built at Crewe works. Originally created for heavy mineral traffic working over gradients found in South Wales and Cumberland, However, the engine brake linkage was not efficient and resulted in them being mainly used on braked passenger trains, rather than unfitted goods trains. Due to this, they had relatively low mileage and survived for many years. In connection with their mixed traffic role carriage heating apparatus was fitted to the entire fleet (most being fitted by 1904) and vacuum ejectors and brake valves were progressively fitted from 1883. Despite having limited power hand brakes, power brakes were not fitted to locomotives until 1891 (the "Double Sack"), with an improved version (the "Vertical Sack") from 1920.

Our models feature fully detailed cab interiors, Ramsbottom or Ross pop safety valves, steam heating pipes and LNWR or LMS lamp irons. Available in three variations 35-050 in LNWR Plain Black livery, 35-051 in LMS Black livery & 35-052 in BR Early Emblem Black livery.

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