Bachmann 31-491 BR Unit 7010 Class 410 4BEP EMU BR Blue & Grey OO

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The 4-car set comprises a motorised driving motor car, a buffet coach, a composite coach with first and second class compartments and an unpowered driving motor coach. The motor has been fitted internally, hidden within the guard and luggage space behind the cab, allowing full interior and underfloor detailing to be fitted. The single motor bogie is provided with enough weight to ensure that the four-car train to be moved with ease.

Power connections are made through the bar couplings to supply power to the trailer cars, which have internal lighting. This has been arranged to allow the internal lighting to be separately controlled in DCC operation. Bar couplings with through power connections and spare corridor connections for the cab ends are supplied.

DCC Ready.
21-pin decoder socket,

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