Atlantics WM ATL12K RFA Black Rover A273 Fleet Tanker Kit 1/700

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The photos of the Black Rover (courtesy of Terry Holtham) were taken after the last major refit when new lifeboats were fitted.

Basically the old open type boats were under the bridge wings, but the new enclosed type are too large to fit so the davits were moved further aft. In order to do this the aft stores replenishment rigs that were in line with the remains of the gantry had to be removed, as were the associated winch cab and winches.
Also in order to comply with modern regulations they had to plate over sections of the superstructure on the respective decks immediately below the lifeboats - so that as the boats were lowered the fittings on the boats would not snag on the lips on the superstructure.
So the photos show the new boats, the lack of aft stores rig, cabs and winches and the plated over sections of the superstructure below the lifeboats. Essentially the superstructure etc is the same both sides, but there are fittings that are only on the port side - namely the aft crane and the forward telescopic hose handling crane. Note also the Sat TV dome is on the port side on Black Rover (it is on the other side on Gold Rover).
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