Albatros ALK101-1 Grille a waterline model of a German armed yacht 1937 1/1250

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Grille was designed to impress. She was ordered by the German State from Blohm and Voss and was the largest and fastest steam yacht in the world after the American Heiress Emily Cadwallader and her husband refused to sell their Blohm & Voss -built yacht, Savarona, to Germany. The two ships were very similar in style and sze but, of course, Grille was larger and had a gun armament. Savarona was sold to Turkey and went on to become the home of their President, Kamal Attaturk for the last few months of his life and then a training vessel for the Turkish Navy whereas Grille served as an escort vessel for the Kriegsmarine throughout WW2.
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