Both Hornby and Bachmann sets use standard OO/HO track which can be expanded with track from the Peco Setrack range. The locos and rolling stock are also compatible with other brands of British OO models, the couplings are very alike and will connect without problems.

A mains powered controller is supplied, either using a variable 12 volt DC output to control train speed, or in the case of DCC train sets a Digital Command Controller supplies track power and sends digital commands to control each locomotive.

The Hornby Railroad range includes several budget priced train packs ideal for adding another train to your train set. Click here for a full list.

Hornby Junior Express Train Set R1215
A great way to get started into the fun world of model railways, with your very own Hornby train set. Construct your layout and accessories, then press the run start button and create your own railway adventures - compatible with regular Hornby 00 track systems.
MRP £39.99you save £5.00
Website: 1
Available from shops: Coventry: 1, Gloucester: 1, Plymouth: 1, Stroud: 1
(Product Ref #102731)

Hornby OO Santa's Express Train Set R1210
Inject a bit of Hornby magic into Christmas with the special Santa's Express Train Set.
Santa's special train includes his very own steam engine, a wagon full of presents and a closed van for his reindeer. The sprightly little engine in its colourful livery is more than capable of pulling such an important train around the oval of track included in this set.

MRP £57.99you save £8.04
Website: 9+
Available from shops: Bristol: 1, Cardiff: 2, Coventry: 1, Gloucester: 2, Plymouth: 3, Stroud: 1
(Product Ref #36566)
Hornby Railways R1188 OO Gauge Country Flyer Train Set
The Country Flyer train set recalls the halcyon days of British steam railways before WW2, epitomised by the numerous small branch lines and light railways that criss-crossed the countryside.
MRP £78.99you save £6.00
Website: 1
(Product Ref #101403)
Hornby Railways R1180 OO Gauge Postal Express Train Set
A fantastic Travelling Post Office Set with working post bag collection features.
This train set replicates the dramatic collection of mailbags by the Travelling Post Office, a catcher net popping out from the side of the fast moving train to snatch mailbags from the lineside posts.
Website: 2
Available from shops: Cardiff: 1, Stroud: 1
(Product Ref #5643)
Bachmann OO Midland Marvel Train Set 30-105
Coal was the lifeblood of industry and its transportation sparked the need for the railway networks. This train set includes a Midland 3F goods engine, a versatile 0-6-0 locomotive pulling along two colourful private owner wagons and a brake van to complete the train.
MRP £129.95you save £14.95
Website: 1
Available from shops: Plymouth: 1
(Product Ref #79291)
Hornby OO Tornado Pullman Express R1169
The opulence and elegance of Pullman travel between the two World Wars of the last century was at that time mainly reserved for the more well off. Today with the development of charter travel, being able to relive those halcyon days is available for all, pulled by one of the most famous steam locomotives in modern times, 'Tornado'.
MRP £163.99you save £19.04
Available from shops: Coventry: 1
(Product Ref #85975)

Bachmann OO Thames Clyde Express Train Set 30-170
This set recreates one of the key Scottish express trains of the 1920s, the Thames Clyde Express. Linking London St Pancras and Glasgow via Leicester, Sheffield, Leeds the Thames Clyde then crossed the Peak District and the scenic Settle and Carlisle route over the top of England.

MRP £174.95you save £24.95
Website: 1
Available from shops: Plymouth: 1
(Product Ref #79306)
Bachmann Branchline OO Gauge 30-130 Military Manoeuvres Train Set
The Military Manoeuvres train set features an ex-BR class 03 diesel shunting locomotive along with two wagons and a BR guards' brake van, all now in British Army service and painted in military green, with bright yellow ends to ensure moving trains are easily seen.
MRP £169.95you save £14.95
Website: 1
Available from shops: Bristol: 1, Cardiff: 1, Coventry: 1, Gloucester: 1, Plymouth: 1
(Product Ref #49080)
Bachmann OO Gauge 30-165 The Thanet Flyer Train Set
The Thanet Flyer train set contains Maunsell N class locomotive number 1854, one of two members of the class specially painted in malachite green livery for express passenger service along with two Bulleid design corridor coaches in matching livery.
The train set is completed with an oval of track and a UK mains-powered speed controller.
MRP £179.95you save £19.95
Website: 1
Available from shops: Gloucester: 1, Plymouth: 1
(Product Ref #48121)
Hornby Railways OO Gauge R1202 Mallard Pullman Train Set

On July 3, 1938, Sir Nigel Gresley's 'Mallard' sped down Stoke Bank, south of Grantham on the East Coast Main Line, in a blur of Garter Blue. At milepost 90¼, between Little Bytham and Essendine, the locomotive recorded its highest speed of 126mph. Breaking the 1936 world speed record of 124.5mph for a steam locomotive, previously set by a German engine, the record still stands today. This set is representative of a typical East Coast Pullman train and would have been a familiar sight between London and the North.
Website: 3
Available from shops: Bristol: 1, Cardiff: 1, Coventry: 1, Gloucester: 1, Stroud: 1
(Product Ref #87450)
Hornby OO Gloucester City Pullman Train Set R1177
The ‘Duke of Gloucester’ Pacific locomotive heads up this awe-inspiring train set with its three Pullman cars making a fair representation of the steam train special excursions that are so popular amongst those who wish to rekindle memories of the heady days of opulent train travel.
MRP £184.99you save £15.00
Available from shops: Coventry: 1, Plymouth: 1, Stroud: 1
(Product Ref #86217)
Hornby OO The Western Master Train Set DCC R1173
A superb introduction set to the incredible world of computer control by Hornby.  This set includes the amazing ‘eLink’ digital unit which when connected to a PC or laptop and with the ‘RailMaster’ software loaded provides control access to 9999 locomotives and in excess of 2000 electrical accessories and points.

Website: 1
Available from shops: Bristol: 1, Coventry: 1, Gloucester: 1, Plymouth: 1
(Product Ref #3592)
Hornby Railways OO Gauge R1176 Eurostar New Livery Train Set
This train set features a superb model of the Eurostar express train painted in the striking new Eurostar livery.
The Hornby model replicates a four car Eurostar train cutting through the Kent countryside heading for the Continent at 300kph. Additional coaches are available.
MRP £191.99you save £16.00
Website: 1
Available from shops: Plymouth: 1
(Product Ref #63049)
Bachmann OO The Midlander Express Train Set 30-285

The Midlander Express train set features Stanier 5XP Jubilee class locomotive 45555 Quebec in British Railways lined green livery along with two BR Mk.1 passenger coaches in lined maroon livery.
MRP £209.95you save £22.45
Available from shops: Gloucester: 1
(Product Ref #68552)

Box a bit worn but inside new.

What a superb train set to receive as a gift or to give as a present! The wonderful opulence of travelling on the british pullman VSOE can be recreated in the world of model railways with this set.  Not only is there a top of the range classic British model steam locomotive included but also three elegantly decorated pullman cars.

The train runs on an oval of track with siding together with a midimat, which with the addition of extra Hornby track and building packs can be simply and quickly built up into a truly fascinating layout.


  • BR 4-6-2 “Clan Line” Merchant Navy Class Locomotive
  • Pullman 1st Class Parlour Car “Agatha”
  • Pullman 1st Class Parlour Car, “Lucille”
  • Pullman 1st Class Kitchen Brake, No.65
  • 3rd Radius Starter Oval
  • Track Pack A (with point and buffer stop)
  • P9200 Wall Plug Transformer
  • R8250 Train Controller
  • R8206 Power Track
  • Hornby MidiMat (1600 x 1180mm)
Website: 1
(Product Ref #25524)
Bachmann OO The Permanent Way DCC & Digital Sound Train Set 30-049
Bachmann Branchline OO Gauge 30-049 The Permanent Way Train Set with DCC Control and Digital Sound Locomotive.
Featuring a BR class 20 locomotive in Railfreight triple-grey livery along with two yellow-painted tool and mess van coaches this set recreates a train conveying engineering or re-railing equipment from the depot to a remote work site where the coaches are needed to transport and provide a mobile mess room for the staff.
The locomotive is fitted with a DCC controlled sound system, bringing the sounds of the engine, warning horns etc. to life at the touch of a button on the Bachmann EZ-Command DCC controller.
MRP £274.95you save £29.95
Available from shops: Bristol: 1, Coventry: 1
(Product Ref #91181)
Hornby OO The Majestic Premier Train Set DCC R1172
This simply amazing Hornby The Majestic Premier DCC Train Set R1172 has to be the gift of a lifetime.  The incredible contents include not only a powerful Pacific type locomotive liveried in the eye-catching Experimental Blue colours of the early British Railways days but also a modern style Class 47 diesel which is ideal for hauling the assorted wagons around the twin oval of track.

However, what is truly amazing is that both locomotives are controlled by Hornby's state of the art and revolutionary ‘eLink’ digital interface unit, which is not only capable of having 9999 locomotives allocated to it but also has the capabilities of controlling in excess of 2000 points or accessories providing power is available!  All that has to be done is for the ‘eLink’ to be connected to a PC or laptop, load the ‘RailMaster’ software and then you are really going places.  Incredibly intuitive, the 'RailMaster’ makes operating trains simple and straightforward. (PC not included).


  • BR Peppercorn Class 'Bon Accord'
  • 2 BR (ExLNER) Gresley Composite coaches
  • 1 x BR (ExLNER) Gresley Brake Composite coach
  • BR Class 47 Co-Co Diesel
  • 4 x assorted wagons
  • Twin ovals of track plus siding. (Can be extended with the addition of Hornby Track Packs)
  • 'eLink' Digital Controller plus 1 amp transformer
  • 'RailMaster' CD-Rom
  • MidiMat (1600 x 1180mm)
MRP £399.99you save £100.49
Website: 2
(Product Ref #3593)
Antics OO Track and Power Controller Bundle OOTRACK
If none of the ready packaged train sets quite meet your needs then why not make up your own?

This OO gauge train set track bundle contains a Peco ST100 starter track pack and a Bachmann 36-560 DC train controller. Just select a locomotive, plus coaches and wagons from our extensive stock for a unique train set!

The track supplied in the starter pack includes two points and can be assembled in many different ways to form an oval of track with a loop or sidings. A Peco Setrack Planbook is provided, full of layout plan ideas.

This bundle can also be used as an add-on to a train set, careful arrangement of the extra track using a straight section to make the loop wider and you can add an outer oval, with the extra control unit needed to operate a second train.

MRP £120.45you save £15.45
Pre-Order (Website:0)
(Product Ref #80038)
A simple ramp unit which fits over OO/HO track. Guides moulded into the ramp ensure that the wheels are placed onto the rails.
Long enough for even the largest items of rolling stock the railer is ideal for getting trains onto the track quickly and reliably.
Website: 6
Available from shops: Cardiff: 2, Coventry: 3, Gloucester: 3, Plymouth: 5, Stroud: 1
(Product Ref #57732)
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