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In late July 1944 the Allies moved north to capture the port of Brest, France to use it to re- supply the Allied advance. On August 7, 1944 American troops reached Brest that was fortified with 40,000 German troops, light flak and naval guns. Company A 705th TD Battalion M18 "I Dont Want A" was there as part of the American artillery barrages combined with aerial bombing and naval guns. When the Germans surrendered on September 19, 1944 Brest had been completely destroyed and the port facilities made useless by the Germans.

Specifications :

Classification: 76mm Gun Motor Carriage (T70)

Produced By: General Motors, Buick Division

Production Period: July 1943 to October 1944

Number of Units Produced: 2,507

Crew: 5


Engine: R975 Continental Radial, 973 cu. in. 9 Cylinder air-cooled, 400 HP @ 2,400 RPM

Transmission: 4 speed Torqmatic

Maximum Speed: 50 mph

Ground clearance: 14 in.

Maximum Fording Depth: 48 in.

Maximum Grade: 60 degrees @ 3 mph


Length: 21 ft. 10 in.

Width: 9 ft. 5 in.

Height: 8 ft. 5 in. Maximum Weight: 37,557 lbs.


1 x 76 mm M1A2 main gun, 76 rounds

1 x .50 cal M2HB Machine Gun, 800 rounds

5 x MI .30 cal carbines, 450 rounds

6 x WP M50 smoke grenades

6 x Mk.II fragmentation grenades

4 x smoke pots

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