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The Hornby Elite is quite literally designed for the model layout that demands more control.
  • Controls up to 10 trains simultaneously, providing the necessary power is available.
  • The 4 amp power supply included allows for up to nine locomotives (depending on the individual locomotive requirements) to be running at any one time.
  • The 4 amp power supply allows for 3 amps to the track with 1 amp to the accessory outlet.
  • Incorporates 128 speed steps for smooth control of locomotives.
  • Can programme locomotives with up to 255 levels of acceleration / deceleration.
  • The Elite Unit supports up to thirteen functions per locomotive if available.
  • Able to programme up to 255 locomotives or other items containing a locomotive decoder and 255 points or other items that rely on a solenoid for operation. eg. electrically operated signals, electrically operated uncouplers and point motors.
  • The Elite accommodates decoders that incorporate a functioning feed back system.
  • Supports XpressNet protocol.
  • A PC interface socket allows for the upload of new firmware and the use of third party applications.
  • Uncontrolled 15V DC accessory power outlet.
  • An LCD screen displays both alpha and numeric information.
  • External boosters can be supported through the XpressNet port or by direct connection to the booster outputs. (A standard RJ12 six-way cable can be used to connect the Elite to a booster which has an RJ12 socket).
  • Up to 8 Select units can be connected to the "Elite" for individual control of 9 locomotives providing power is available.
  • The Select can be used as a Walkabout Unit when connected to the Hornby Elite Digital Unit.
  • The Elite unit is "Railcom" ( Lenz Elektronik, GmbH) enabled. Railcom ( Lenz Elektronik, GmbH ) allows communication from the locomotive to the controller. Occupancy detection and the relaying of location information to a controller and from a controller to a Personal Computer will require occupancy detection hardware and a change to the specification of Xpress Net and Railcom ( Lenz Elektronik, GmbH).
  • The Elite is capable of speed profiling locomotives for double heading

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