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Creative Master Northcord Limited is proud to make the official announcement of its UKVAN1005, the third replica on its most popular Mercedes-Benz Sprinter panel van model tooling, which comes in new packaging. Rather than being presented in a collectors box, the UKVAN1005 is contained within a specially shaped plastic blister tray that has a clear plastic cover to hold the model securely in place. The blister is attached to a well presented and decorated card backing. For the retailer, this new form of expendable packaging has been designed so it can be displayed hung from a wall-mounted display, or it can be free-standing. The UKVAN1005 is painted in Dealer Stock White. This version will allow collectors to avail themselves of the opportunity to use this CMNL Sprinter model as the basis for super-detailing by adding decals of their choosing or by adding additional livery detail or paintwork in order to enhance their OO-scale modern image model railway layout or 1:76 scale general transport diorama where it could undertake the role of a delivery van or support van for a bus or truck operator. UKVAN1005 carries the personalised registration mark SN58 VAN which, at the time of the models release, was still unissued by the DVLA. Key features of the UKVAN1000 series, exemplified on UKVAN1005, include interior detail showing the drivers instrument binnacle, steering wheel, single drivers seat, twin passenger seat and also chassis detail that includes replicated drive-train and exhaust system as well as fuel tank and spare wheel. The windscreen wipers are individually made pieces and therefore the models are not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

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